Land of Flooding Rain

Australia, land of  … flooding rain.

You can see water levels on the trees, and the reeds mark the normal edge of the water.

Twelve months ago I leant on one of those trees … still too wet to get there this year.

Say Yes to an Election

Multi Party Climate Committee?

The Greenhouse Effect

The Perfect $torm


The earths CO2 levels are based on measurements taken in Hawaii … with adjustments having to be made for volcanic activity.

Recent Mauna Loa CO2


How come CO2 in the atmosphere is measured in just one place?

Does this really represent what the CO2 level is world wide?

Does local temperature effect the concentration of CO2?

OK, that’s more than one question!


Global Warming: A Closer Look a t the Numbers

A Quote from the link above …

The ability of humans to influence greenhouse water vapor is negligible. As such, individuals and groups whose agenda it is to require that human beings are the cause of global warming must discount or ignore the effects of water vapor to preserve their arguments, citing numbers similar to those in Table 4b . If political correctness and staying out of trouble aren’t high priorities for you, go ahead and ask them how water vapor was handled in their models or statistics. Chances are, it wasn’t!

Another quote from the same link …

The Kyoto Protocol calls for mandatory carbon dioxide reductions of 30% from developed countries like the U.S. Reducing man-made CO2 emissions this much would have an undetectable effect on climate while having a devastating effect on the U.S. economy. Can you drive your car 30% less, reduce your winter heating 30%? Pay 20-50% more for everything from automobiles to zippers? And that is just a down payment, with more sacrifices to come later.

Such drastic measures, even if imposed equally on all countries around the world, would reduce total human greenhouse contributions from CO2 by about 0.035%.

This is much less than the natural variability of Earth’s climate system!

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