2011 June 8

I find it rather sad to be living in a country which will stop live export of cattle and risk farmers livelihoods, while that same government is talking about sending ‘boat people’ to a country where they may be caned.

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Greens Speak

(Pity they don’t say much.)


Science is not being Corrupted – Scientists are.

Australia isn’t catching up …

Forget Deforestation …


Where were you?


Better Question


Barnaby Says ….

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3 Responses to 2011 June 8

  1. Damo says:

    Hey, thanks for the Blogroll mention! When I work out how to use the Blogspot design better, I’ll return the favour!

    Re: The cattle export bizzo…heard an interview on MTR 1377 the other day between Steve Price and a top-end cattle farmer. It was quite emotional, and one the points he said was (paraphrased) that Labor (or was that ALL) politicians should run a business for 10 years without going bankrupt before getting into politics, because the way the govt was running things was sending people broke…

    Damo (http://33point8.blogspot.com)


    • Damo,

      I agree with the idea that all politicians should run a business … but I would say five yars, but if they go broke they have to start again and keep it viable for a minimum of five years!


      • Damo says:

        While it does sound a good idea, the only problem with that is that we would never have had such good administrators as Hawke, Keating, Costello, Howard, et al. They never ran businesses, but by gosh, they did a heckuva job. On the contrary, John Hewson did run Macquarie Bank, and couldn’t answer a question about a birthday cake…


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