The Third Nail In The CRU/IPCC AGW Coffin

The Third Nail In The CRU/IPCC AGW Coffin

This site is new to me … here is some recent stuff which sounds interesting.

Climategate 2: Why The Divergence/Decline Destroyed The Hockey Stick

Exposed: How Briffa/IPCC Produced False Error/Uncertainty In Hockey Stick

The Foundational Fault In Alarmists AGW Theories

Hiding The Medieval Warm Period

When Scientists Discover Their Conclusions Are Wrong …

Jones’ CRU/IPCC Data Lost, Corrupted & Unrepeatable

Climategate II More Devastating Than Climategate I

Phil Jones: FOIA Dodger & Serial Deleter

Phil Jones of CRU/IPCC: Only 20% World Is Warming?

Climategate 2011

I need a course in speed reading!

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