Climate Capers

Two Different Types Of Science

The Planet Must Have Been Lifeless When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

Sydney: coldest December in 50 years – no mention of “climate change”

But we will introduce our own carbon tax?

These people are insane

US Navy wastes money on biofuel

Louis Woodhill: Even the Warmists Don’t Believe In Global Warming

New Year’s Resolutions For Climate Scientists

Happy Christmas from the Sun!

Christopher Booker: Climate Consensus Confusion

New Paper Shows Profound Urban Warming Impact

UHI in South Korea – responsible for over half of the warming

Urban Heat Island causes 56% of warming: Peer- reviewed

Happy New Year!: Ethanol subsidies expire at end of 2011

Fuel Poverty and Death – the Real Downside of the AGW Scam

California low carbon fuel law blocked by federal judge

2011 and climate alarmism.

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