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The World According to David Marr from Bunyipitude

Holden shakes its can in our faces from Andrew Bolt

Column – More Aboriginal children are hiding the decline from Andrew Bolt

Navy’s sub escape trainer closed again  from The Australian | The Nation

No Change In Arctic Ice In Seven Years from Real Science by Steven Goddard

Fakegate: DeSmogBlog’s epic fail from The Daily Bayonet

Skeptic Weblogs Sweep Global Award Categories – This one is on the readers. from the Air Vent by Jeff Condon

The ancient Arabic writings that reveal desert city of Baghdad was FROZEN over 1,000 years ago in new clue over climate change by Ted Thornhill from Climate Realists by Co2sceptic

Lindzen’s Seminar at the House of Commons from Climate Etc. by Judith Curry

Australia to pursue Security Council seat from Herald Sun | Breaking News

(Face palm moment. Earlier today I mentioned that the ALP should concentrate on governing … I meant in Australia.)

Lying and deception can be justified, says climate change ethics expert from Bishop Hill

Turning point for Labor? from Mumble by Peter Brent

Skeptic blogs – reaching the parts that the media cannot from Digging in the Clay by Verity Jones

(Or reaching the parts the media do not.)

Breaking News: Kevin Rudd to Contest the North Korean Leadership Next Monday from Andy Semple

Now please – just run the country from Herald Sun | Opinion





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