Feminists backed wrong filly with Gillard | Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman Blog

Feminists backed wrong filly with Gillard | Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman Blog.

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Hey John McTernan, you’re probably the best and dirtiest spinmeister around. Looks like loser lady’s wrist-slashing Sarah Bernhardt performance has gone global. Wow are you amazing or what? And according to the luvvies she’s been a hit. But it’s all an illusion isn’t it John? And a short term one at that. And like Humpty Dumpty, little Miss Egg on her face, Julia (Boo Hoo) Gillard, will soon come tumbling down. And you’ll be out of a job. In the mean time you’re spinning Julia’s tale of woe for all it’s worth.

John McTernan, you’re so full of the proverbial that even a proctologist would knock you back. But I’m heartened to see that, even if Miss Boo Hoo’s media chums are buying your cyberspace crap, internet posters on overeas websites are not that stupid.

Let’s have a look at some of the comments on the Jezebel blog…….

So… I’m confused. Why is Gillard defending a person who may have sexually harassed a man? Why are we celebrating this?

So let me ask the group at large: her (disappointing to say the least) stance on marriage equality has been brought up a couple of times. Those of you better versed in Australian politics than I: is this generally seen as a sincerely held moral conviction or a cowardly attempt to appease the less enlightened members of the public in an attempt to advance her political career and agenda (a la Obama until a few months ago)?

The media beat up of Gillard’s “speech” is laughable. A woman unhinged, losing the plot and throwing an irrelevant hissy fit in parliament is not “an impassioned speech”..The modus operandum is clear. “Whatever it takes” for her party to gain lost ground is a depth her party now knows well.
It was only a little over a month ago Gillard gave another “great speech”, in the parliament blue room, about how young and naive she was in the early 90s building a union slush fund for her boyfriend to buy a house with. They got found out, they broke up, she “left her position” with Slater and Gordon Lawyers and learnt her lesson.

Don’t get too excited ladies about this bastion of women’s rights – blink, and this woman Prime Minister will have her way with your husband:

(pickering post)

Also, in her student days she likened Married Women to being Prostitutes for their husbands. There’s more, but you’re probably not interested in facts, just her spin set up by this man who sets out to destroy good politicians with lies:

(pickering post)

Shame Gillard couldn’t have been as bad-ass in explicitly condemning the Speaker’s misogynistic text messages to an aide. But I guess it’s different when your government depends on keeping a sexist arsehole exactly where he is.

Hmmm…woman pounding gavel (title?), three women seated directly behind Prime Minister, oh, and the Prime Minister herself. From that very unscientific survey, it looks to me like australia might have proportionally more women in positions of power than the US. 

Craig Michael…
And elsewhere the same day, the Gillard Government passes “welfare reforms” that (surprise!), cut women the deepest and nobody noticed or much cared…

No, Julia, nobody should be lecturing your government on sexism. Nobody at all. It just seems odd that, no matter who’s in power, it always seems to be poor and working class women hit first and hardest when the ‘austerity’ cosh gets pulled out.

Laura of Victoria (Reply)
Thu 11 Oct 12 (08:40am)
Gonk replied to Laura
Thu 11 Oct 12 (11:39am)

Laura – Has anyone asked Christine Milne if the egg on Julia Gillard’s face came from a free range chicken?  If not why not? question  LOL

Notice Julia Gillard will not repeat her tirade outside of Parliamentary privilege.  Proof she knows that what she says in Parliament is nothing but LIES.

Julia Gillard does not, I repeat does NOT, speak on behalf of ALL Australian women, and she does NOT represent ALL Australians.
In fact, the majority of Australians both men and women want her and her gang of bullies and liars GONE forever from our lives.
These nasty people should never be placed in positions of power.

proud aussie of new south wales (Reply)
Thu 11 Oct 12 (08:56am)
Mother G replied to proud aussie
Thu 11 Oct 12 (10:24am)

I would not sanction her uttering one letter of the alphabet on my behalf.

Ummm, Craig Thomson just said that Tony Abbott doesn’t have any morals.

These people are certifiable.

Caz (Reply)
Thu 11 Oct 12 (09:07am)

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