Serious Criminal Offences – Michael Smith News

Serious Criminal Offences – Michael Smith News.

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Where to start?
The WA Government is giving away grants for “workplace reform”.
Government grants require an audited report as to the expenditure of funds.
Therefore Theiss, who received the grants, needs to present evidence to its auditors that it has spent the money for the correct purpose.
Bruce Wilson runs the AWU in WA. Ralph Blewitt is his stooge.
The brother in law of Bruce, Joe Trio, runs Theiss in WA.
Bruce would like to get his hands on the moolah.
Joe needs to acquit the expenditure to the WA Government.
Bruce needs an organisation that can run a bank account and looks like an arm of the AWU.
Bruce gets his partner in horizontal folk dancing, Julia Gillard, to set up an entity under the Associations Incorporations Act with the name AWU Work Place Reform Association.
According to recent reports in the Australian Julia convinces the WA Corporate Affairs Commisioner that the Association is Legit, but in her “termination” interview with Slater & Gordon refers to the Association as a “slush fund”.
Re -election funds are common in unions but when they are held for the benefit of current office holders there is no need for secrecy about their existence or operation.
Its only the challengers that have to get sneaky.
The Association should never have been incorporated.
If it was to exist Industrial Law should have covered it.
It commenced issuing invoices to Theiss for time spent on Wortkplace safety issues.
The invoices were bogus, no time was ever spent on these issues.
Julia around this time also travells to Kalgoorlie with Bruce and helps organises the rape of an AWU fund establ;ished for Widows and orphans.
There are also other “transactions” involving Victorian Construction projects that form part of Lourens figure of $880K.
About this time Bruce is in the process of getting divorced from his wife and two kids.
His new dance partner and he want a love nest in his new city of residence,Melbourne.
They attend an auction together and buy the place.
Trouble is Bruce in the middle of a divorce does not need a new property suddenly appearing in his name.
No problems, buy it in the name of Ralph the stooge.
The Power of Attorney is created by Julia and signed by Ralph after the event.
Julia witnesses Ralphs signature even though she is in Melbourne and he is in Perth.
Julia organises an interest only mortgage even though Ralph knows nothing about it and is not worth a row of beans.
In the termination interview she makes out that Ralph is a man of some financial means!!
The equity in the property comes from the slush fund.
Julia also has a house. Bruce without her knowledge organises extensive renovations and Julia cannot rule out that some of it was paid for from the slush fund.
She produces receipts for about $4K at her termination interview.
Anyone can see that this doesn’t cover the rennovations.
The people doing the rennovations have been paid by Bruce. They think it is an AWU job and turn up at the AWU when Bruce has been sprung for other nefarious activities and been given the flick (with a generous redundancy package).
According to Kernohan the AWU make some payments to those complaining.
The AWU ask their solicitors, Slater & Gordon, whats going on and Julia fronts up for the termination interview.
The AWU is not aware of the AWU Workplace reform association and no one at S& G tells them.
Before they find out about it the property is sold. No one knows where the money went, including apparently Blewitt.
At the termination interview Julia admits not opening a formal file and says her paperwork is missing.
During her “absence” it is found in her office.
Now it has apparently been lost again and an empty file is foung in the WA archives!!!
Despite being intimately involved in the formation of the Association and its acceptance by the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner, attending the auction, fixing up the power of attorney and miraculously witnessing it, organising the Financing, being involved in the conveyancing and failing to inform the AWU of the existence of the slush fund when the fecal matter hit the fan, she knows nothing about the use of the slush fund.
She knows nothing about how her rennovations were paid for, she know nothing about how (according to Blewitt) the life style of the rich and famous her and Bruce lived was paid for.

Posted by: S Penrose | Wednesday, 31 October 2012 at 12:29 PM
As my Dad would have said, PIGS ARSE she didn’t. .

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