Very hard to compete with $600,000 in legal clout from the Minister – Michael Smith News

Very hard to compete with $600,000 in legal clout from the Minister – Michael Smith News.

MESSAGE from dAWUrkers Onion.

To all you bleeding hearts out there crying out to be heard, just get one thing straight, OK!!. You have no say in what happens here. We own you and you will pull your heads in and shut up, or we will do it for you. Do you understand!

We have our people in charge, and they do as they’re told. You can go about your day to day activities as long as you pay your taxes and union dues ON-TIME, and mind your own business and keep to yourself.

Just remember, we have our Party monitors in the field everywhere and we know who you are and what you say. Yes, every word!

If you think we can’t track your emails or blog posts, think again, the security services are at our disposal and we know exactly who you and all of your family are. So keep it up and you will become familiar with us, in due season.

Plea’s of “no wrongdoing” are only avilable to paid up members who join us in eradicating the filth that believe they have some “God-Given Right” to “Free Speech”. I’ll only say this once, so listen carefully. “THERE IS NO GOD!!” and you have no rights to Free Speech, as far as the law is concerned, in a few months time.

So, I suggest you just take it easy, shut you mouths and don’t rock the boat and you will find the process we have in mind for all of you, will be painless. Trust us.



Uncle BillY.



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