This does seem an extraordinarily lenient way to treat this sort of behaviour – Michael Smith News

This does seem an extraordinarily lenient way to treat this sort of behaviour – Michael Smith News.

Fascinating. I have a friend who has been diagnosed unequivocally with a serious spinal condition that requires surgery. He is on a 2.5 year (at least) waiting list. His wife was operated on for a neck injury and she too is unable to work.

The injuries are genuine and this has been confirmed and reaffirmed by all manner of scans and tests.

The husband was rejected for a disability pension by Centrelink who overrode medical opinions and said that he can work 8 hours a week. He gets the dole and is required to continually apply for work to keep it.

His medical advisers are dismayed because the pressures placed upon him by Centrelink could worsen his condition.

Like others he is saving to go overseas for the operation and fortunately his family are having “whip-arounds” to cover the costs.

Yet Omar waltzes through the system. I guess he is in a western Sydney electorate and his vote needs massaging. With such largesse Omar would owe the ALP, wouldn’t he?

Another friend recently went to Thailand for dentistry. The dentist had UK post-graduate qualifications. The charge was $1700 as compared to a quote of $12000 in Melbourne.

As some other bloggers are now frequently noting: Where are the Coalition? Their absence is now beyond mirth.

We now need the Third World to help us as we have slipped to Fourth World in everything save politicians and bureaucrats conditions, pay and pensions.

Just to put this in perspective, the damage to the police car was paid by the offender who is supported on tax payer funds! He was also given free legal aid, paid for by the tax paying public. Not forgetting the abuse of our Police either! Is it any wonder why people get angry and upset by this system!



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