I know how they feel. – Michael Smith News

I know how they feel. – Michael Smith News.

Rather interesting. Right faction of ALP knifed Harry Jenkins & Trish Crossin (both Left faction) and tried to replace Left faction member Penny Wong with a faceless man from the Right, Don Farrell (before outcry and prominent Left members like Albanese cause retraction).
Right faction also knifed sitting PM Kevin Rudd in mid-2010.
Without inferring any suggestion or allegation of undue influence over current Federal ALP or wrongdoing, it’s correct observation that many key players that were linked to AWU-slushfund days that followed Gillard to Canberra are from the ALP Right faction.

They are: David Feeney (named by Gillard in her September 1995 S+G exit interview transcript), Bill Shorten (addressee to Bob Smith letter which tried to stop Cambridge’s IRC court action to stop hush hush redundancy AWU cheques around Autust 1995), Joe Ludwig (his dad Bill appeared to be good bloke who tried to help Cambridge’s IRC court action), Chris Hayes and Nicola Roxon (when AWU found out about AWU-WRA slushfund, they ceased becoming Slater and Gordon’s principal client and went to Maurice Blackburn where Roxon worked). Roxon in turn handled Gillard’s old AWU files (not the AWU-WRA files – that was kept at S+G).
Curious stuff.

Hi Michael ,
as I’ve mentioned many times before, I’ve been watching parliament since Keating was Treasurer and never have I seen such a day in the house as when Harry Jenkins resigned, and the circus that followed. It really tugged at the heart strings watching that emotional speech from Harry Jenkins who did a fine job, especially in comparison to what goes on now.

Chris Pyne did an excellent job nominating many alternates even Rob Oakeshot which really showed the hypocrisy of the independents and all the while as I watched Gillard in her huddles with her front bench , the only emotion I saw from her was

The only thing that reassured me when Slipper was selected was the fact that Gillard once again showed poor judgment and it was obvious that this was going to go badly for her.She’s her own worst enemy.She only thinks short term and this will be her downfall especially after watching the final sitting week.

One day when everything is out in the open we will again see her behaviour and she will be seen as the most dishonest PM we’ve ever had.

Posted by: Kathryn E. | Friday, 25 January 2013 at 02:36 AM

She is scaring eldely imegrants from europe they are phoning in to talk back saying she is using universitys and schools to start the indoctronation of the children like happened in europe with Starlin
Hitler they got the students in commitees out in the communities.
They started dobbing in people and there parents to the leaders.
Until nobody was safe. the children worship there leader.
If what they are saying is whats happening its scary stuff.
They are getting schools to worship there building debarcle.
They want a plaque on every school but cant afford a badge for our
Diggers hats. A discrace.

Posted by: Namewendy brown | Friday, 25 January 2013 at 03:18 AM

Did you know that serial killers can be male or female? Can perform their deeds in clear sight and never be detected? Can change their MO? Can change their preference of victim? They can appear to those around them as normal? They can appear as though they care about people? They can have a family and friends who are unaware that they are serial killers? Their family and friends don’t know they they have no empathy because they are so good at faking. Sometimes they even kill from a distance and don’t get their own hands dirty? Just thought you might find those facts interesting?

Posted by: Jerry | Friday, 25 January 2013 at 08:37 AM


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