When you get a sec, this is uncanny! – Michael Smith News

When you get a sec, this is uncanny! – Michael Smith News.

Michael @5:03 pm……..Have you ever bothered to read the transcripts of Saddam Hussein’s trial.
The man admitted that he was afraid of invasion from Iran so he created massive false intelligence about having chemical weapons of mass destruction.
He believed that if he convinced the CIA that he had the stuff, they would make enough noise about it that it would frighten the crap out of Iran and they would leave him alone.
What he had was some old WWI mustard gas and to show that he meant business used it on a bunch of defenceless Kurds by creating a fictitious uprising against his regime.
It was one of the biggest frauds of modern time and it ended up coating him his life.
As far as Hussein was concerned as long as the Yanks believed he had WMD he was safe from Iran.
Get the history straight Saddam thought he was being clever but it backfired on him. Read the history.



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