Jason Morrison of Fairfax interviewed me and Kathy Jackson today – Michael Smith News

Jason Morrison of Fairfax interviewed me and Kathy Jackson today – Michael Smith News.

Kathy’s claim about being offered a seat in Federal Parliament to “hush her up” was made previously in May 2012 (see http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/criminal-charges-loom-as-police-raid-health-union/story-e6frea8c-1226345332637).

Note that Conroy (Communications Minister and ALP right numbers man, leader of the Shorten-Conroy “ShortCons”group which battled for control of the Labor Unity faction) has an awful lot to say about an issue that is not his portfolio area (see http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/state-politics/alp-faction-split-becomes-farcical/story-e6frgczx-1111118759716).

Since Kathy is from Victoria it is more than likely to be a very “short” list of suspects – probably one of three key ALP Federal parliamentarians from Victoria.

Offering the inducement of a seat in Parliament in exchange for helping pervert the course of justice is both a grave affront to, and a corruption of, our democracy. It undermines the integrity of our Federal Parliament and the legal system. It is made even more egregious if it is undertaken by a serving senior member of our Parliament. This allegation needs to be formally made and tested. Crimes for such convictions quite rightly carry heavy penalties.

25 years inprisonment for either perverting or attempting to pervert under the Crimes Act 1958 – SECT 320 (Victorian Consolidated Acts)


10 years inprisonment for either attempting to pervert justice or conspiracy to defeat justice under CRIMES ACT 1914 – SECT 43 and SECT 43 (Commonwealth Consolidated Acts)



In reply to John H:

Can a by-election brought on by resignation/death etc be delayed if the date of the next federal poll is known??

It could be argued that at this point all we have is a stated intention by JG to go to the polls on that day. Until the GG does the paperwork we don’t officially have a date. Therefore the date cannot be known. Technically the election has not been called, and anything could happen in the next few months, I think it could all blow up before that.

Posted by: Matty | Thursday, 31 January 2013 at 10:29 PM

It is to be hoped that Kathy Jackson is called on to give evidence in the Craig Thomsn case and is able to list the names of those worthy people who offered her a safe seat without fear of reprisal.

It is wonderful to find people like Kathy an Bob who cannot be bought off.

Posted by: Joanne | Friday, 01 February 2013 at 09:21 AM


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