The AWU annual conference schedule – Michael Smith News

The AWU annual conference schedule – Michael Smith News.

Follow ing is a copy of the email I have just sent to the Labor party:

I want to help….DEFEAT YOU.

I have already offered my services to Tony Abbott & his team.
As a life-long Labor supporter, I will never vote Labor again. Yours has been the worst government in Australian history. A more incompetent government has never been seen before in this great country. My great-grandchildren will be paying Labors debt, likely their children too.
Shame on you.
We will recover from the destructive policies of your party. We will. The Australian people, ourselves among them: will long remember your arrogance, your sarcasm, your refusal to listen to the people who pay your far too generous salary & those of your party. Believe me you will be remembered by the history books…. as a failed, train-wreck of a government.




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