20 year anniversary of the (alleged) signing of the greatest love note ever written – the POWER of ATTORNEY – Michael Smith News

20 year anniversary of the (alleged) signing of the greatest love note ever written – the POWER of ATTORNEY – Michael Smith News.

When (if) questioned,Juliar Gillard and Pantsman Brucieboy Wilson will try to pin it all on Ralph Blewitt.
But if it got to a courtroom, I’d love to hear her explainto a barrister’s question and the proof offered to the court that the POA was illegal, how she could be acting for both Wilson and Blewitt in this matter and why she didn’t just advise Blewitt to get his POA prepared in Parth,since she keeps insisting she did nothing wrong!!!

I have honestly never seen a POA like it, I am amazed that it would pass legal scrutiny.
“To do anything I would lawfully authorise an attorney to do”…etc etc to purchase house etc.
Its just so open to interpretation and gives Wilson open slather……

However here is the catch to it………….
Could Ralph Blewitt legally authorise Bruce Wilson to use the funds from the AWU Reform association account to pay the deposit for said house?

Now if the law says that legally Ralph Blewitt could not do so, then Bruce Wilson by doing so has broken the law….fraudulent misuse of association funds……bit like a dodgy HSU credit card isn’t it?

@the other Michael
If the SPOA signature In Gillard’s name is a forgery, and since the PM’s office knows that there is a complaint to the Victoria fraud Squad, why has she not gone immediately to them to insist that the perpetrator of this forgery must be found, to clear her good name, and for the good of the office of PM and the government in general, as well as to stop the police wasting their time?

Here’s a possible reason:..it’s actually HER signature.



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