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Curacao Fischer Catt | Catallaxy Files.

I fail to see how anybody who is eligible to vote shouldn’t be automatically enrolled … we are registered at birth, our attendance at school is noted, we get a driver’s licence, we enroll at Centrelink for assistance to get a job, we are issued with a Medicare Card, we get a job and a tax file number, we buy a car and get it registered, we get a passport, we get married and the marriage and a change of name is noted if we choose, we buy a house and our name is added to the deeds and we pay rates … the list is endless, and starts for migrants the day they first apply for a visa, and continues through the residential and citizenship process.

With each and every contact with a government body we have to provide our full name, date of birth, residential address, contact details via mail, telephone and email, and there are many volunteer positions which require a police check … and yet a cat can be enrolled to vote with no history whatsoever!


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