Bill Shorten’s Christmas message – he spares a thought for those facing an uncertain future! – Michael Smith News

Bill Shorten’s Christmas message – he spares a thought for those facing an uncertain future! – Michael Smith News.

Michelle Two said in reply to maggy may…

Whilst reading comments going down the page thinking of what Bill was missing that you couldn’t put your finger on it came to me what he was lacking – heart and soul whilst telling his message.. I found it boring.. as are all his talk fests a bit like Julia’s.


Irene Hough said…

I saw Labor Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten’s Christmas message on Sky News. Came on after our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott’s Christmas message. As they say “Contrast and Compare” and there is sincerity and insincerity.

I well remember the Beaconsfield Mine disaster in Tasmania which Bill Shorten turned into his ambition to run for parliament. It was so awful as one man had lost his life and 2 miners were trapped underground.

The measure of a man is his strength and his humility. I’m afraid Bill Shorten is all about him and his ambition and he lacks the rest.

Still the Labor Party didn’t have much to choose from for their Leader, two married men who didn’t mind playing around with other women. Standout leader material, not likely.

As for the GMH close down. 3 years notice, what most employees wouldn’t give for that luxury. If you listen to Premier Wetherall, he believes the workers should be compensated all the federal funds put aside by the Labor Party for the car industry. What a fool, they will be well compensated by GMH with generous redundancy packages and do not need federal assistance any more that any other employee who loses their job because of a business close down. Anyway the unions should be able to pay for their retraining with all the union dues they’ve collected over the years. Their members deserve their assistance more that union officials deserve all the funds they skim off members for their rich lifestyles. FWA and the ACTU should be able to kick in as well.


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