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Jo Nova is right. The Liberal party needs immediate cancer surgery and three years of chemotherapy so it can recover as a strong centre right party.Fortunately, due to Lord Bouncy Waffle calling a DD election, it is easy to make this surgery precise and effective. The names of all the quisling are listed at Jo Nova’s site.

Voting the centre right Defcon way is oh-so-easy:

On the Green paper: If your local member is Labor or Green, vote Liberal or National.

If your local member is one of those that supported Abbott, vote Liberal.

If your local member is a Turnbull quisling, vote informal.

On the white paper: Vote below the line*. Number centre right candidates first. Number Talkbull’s 15 quislings last, after socialist alliance.*No! Whining about how voting below the line is “too hard” won’t do. You can pre-prepare your numbers at websites like votebelowtheline.org or you can organise a postal vote and take your time to serve up Defcon vengeance from the comfort of your own home.

Konrad (Reply)Sat 30 Apr 16 (05:06pm)

Source: WHEN WINNING IS LOSING | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

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