Wind Power Disaster Means South Australian Labor Government ‘Gone with the Wind’ – STOP THESE THINGS

When the wind blows, electricity is dumped at marginal rates into the grid with profits for windfarm operators mined from the RET. When the wind stops, the back-up coal has gone broke and gas generators can’t provide power because they have sold their scarce resources of gas elsewhere.

There are many market failings including lack of gas supplies, lack of trading capacity between states and old-fashioned energy market operating rules. Some argue South Australia’s woes are merely teething problems on the road to a decentralised electricity grid utopia.But today the tyranny of intermittency is obvious. When power failed in South Australia last week, wind turbines were providing only 3 per cent of rising demand. This was a 90 per cent cut on wind gener­ation earlier the same day.

This may one day be solved by more solar thermal plants and better batteries. And Labor insists the cost of wind and solar will be cost-competitive with gas and coal after 2020 without subsidy.

Wind industry supporters — who like to make the claim that renewables­ are cost-competitive — now say Labor’s retreat means the game is all but up.

Source: Wind Power Disaster Means South Australian Labor Government ‘Gone with the Wind’ – STOP THESE THINGS


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