Fairfax fake news: Trump wrong but right | Herald Sun

Trump’s comments were “infamous”, he claims. Swedes were “outraged”. Trump could “embolden racists”. He was “bullheaded”. Later Miller quotes a Swedish deputy mayor who calls Trump “just stupid”.

What an idiot.

So it comes as a surprise to eventually read this admission:

For decades studies have consistently showed the over-representation of immigrants among those sentenced or suspected of crime.

Huh? Like Trump says, then?


Then this:

In Malmo, says Booth, the most striking and urgent problem is actually anti-Semitism.

“The Jewish community is being hounded out of the city,” he’s being told.

Then this:

The unemployment rate among migrants is more than four times as high as natives.

Then this:

He does add there is an increase in reports of less serious sexual assaults in the last three years, which is related to immigration. That includes reports of “young [immigrant] newcomers harassing young women”, he says.

So, the numbers don’t exactly lie. There is a nexus between crime and migration in Sweden.

No kidding? Then why is Trump “stupid” to say so?

Or in the Fairfax world, is Trump wrong even when he’s right, and stupid even when he’s smart?

Source: Fairfax fake news: Trump wrong but right | Herald Sun


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