If it’s a resigning offence, where’s our cash? | Herald Sun

Frank …

Just yet another example of a Labor Government having absolutely no respect  for someone else’s (the taxpayers) money  But I suspect the  real financial scandal in Victoria is  yet to come ,when eventually the true position of the states finances are revealed

Already the December budget update  saw the surplus estimate cut in half  while the transport minister inadvertently  let it slip six or so months ago the level crossing removal project was already a billion over budget and no where near even a quarter complete.  And whether it be on social media, press conferences or  interviews on talkback radio while Dan Andrews is quick to brag about the rapid progress of his governments  infrastructure projects he never ever speaks about how they  are running v budget. The phrase ‘On time,on budget’  is certainly not in the vocabulary of  the Andrews Government of late  that’s for sure,  which to me  is a real indication something is not kosher here.

Remember we are dealing with a bloke here who swore a contract to build a road was not worth the paper it was written on  and would not cost Victorians one dollar to tear up . And $1,2bill  later!

This on top of  mass recruitment of government employees with big pay rises, renewable energy targets , buying water we don’t need ,countless new social and community programs , non stop government media (propaganda)  campaigns etc  the list goes on as they throw OPM (Other Peoples Money)  around like drunken sailors$100,000 is lot of money ,but it will soon seem like a sand pebble on the Ocean Grove beach in the big scheme of things for Victoria

Watch this space!

Frank of Malvern

Source: If it’s a resigning offence, where’s our cash? | Herald Sun


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