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@Jamie If the hostile Senators led by Labor Greens allowed government legislation for budget repair measures to pass, and including proposed cuts to budget spending, there would be more progress in settling Labor’s debt burden.However, when the Abbott government took office in 2013 the Labor debt exceeded $400 billion, but Labor had not raised the debt ceiling from $300 billion a financial year and a bit earlier, but continued to borrow past the debt ceiling amount. They handed over the $400 billion plus NBNCo debt to the Abbott government and they were forced to raise the debt ceiling to $500 billion. It took Labor 6 years to borrow over $400 billion in our name. Over the past 3 and a bit years of Coalition government they have added less than $100 billion and part of that was to cover the under estimated deficit of Labor’s 2013/14 Budget.

Source: Savings start at home, Prime Minister | Herald Sun


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