Savings start at home, Prime Minister | Herald Sun

Helena …

 A recent announcement from the federal government….a further $9.5 million of taxpayers money to International Planned Parenthood Federation. From 1st Jan 2016 – 31st December a total of $37 million was given.

PM Turnbull should be giving money to help people, not to this cause, which helps snuff out new lives.

BrokenHillBoy …
The worst part is that Turnbull sometimes just casually catches the train in from Edgecliff to the city, to show he has the common touch.  Surely, if his security is so high-risk that he needs 24 officers protecting him, he should not be taking a big risk of direct exposure to large numbers of the (unscreened) public on the train?

Source: Savings start at home, Prime Minister | Herald Sun


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