The Human Rights Commission is the new authority on Top Gun fighter pilot selection – Michael Smith News

Since 1992 women have been treated equally with men as applicants for selection as fast jet pilots.

Same standards, same course, all they have to do is pass.

None have made it.

Gillian and the Girls Brigade couldn’t have that.

In January 2015 they popped over to Defence with a proposal to review the whole process of fighter pilot training and selection.

Their aim?  “To discover the cultural barriers women face in trying to be fast jet pilots in the RAAF”.

All based on the belief that it must be a boy’s club where women are excluded on purpose.

Check the terms of reference – there’s nothing about physiology, testosterone, aggression, killer-instinct, psychology, in fact nothing at all that looks at whether or not we’re actually getting the best fighter pilots.

I’d have hoped the question that should be answered daily is do we have the best fighter pilots and the highest standards.

Ours must be always better than our enemies and ready to take the fight up to them.

But in the post-Gillard era with Turnbull at the helm we don’t get that.

Just a search for excuses as to why none of them are women.

Source: The Human Rights Commission is the new authority on Top Gun fighter pilot selection – Michael Smith News

There are some jobs for which very, very few women, if any, will qualify for … fighter pilot is one.

No qualifications for military, police or firefighters should ever be changed to widen the acceptance of females. If you can’t pass the physical you don’t get the job. there are many other jobs more suitable to men than women … get over it, ladies, and look at the jobs which women do way better than all but a few men.

By the way, Lady Bird Walton was a commercial pilot, and got there without any special considerations because she was a woman, and at a time when women were primarily mothers, cleaners, teachers and nurses, and there were no feministas fighting for her rights to do the job. Neither her father or her flight instructor approved of her becoming a pilot, but she did … at seventeen.

Nancy Bird makes today’s feminists look like weak little twits.


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