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Finally, let me point out a curious fact that most folks don’t know. The Mexican government is very, very happy that our border is so porous. A leaky border is to their advantage. It siphons off many of their criminals, because if someone is a crook, it is often much better to be a crook in the US than in Mexico. In particular, if a person has a criminal record in Mexico, starting over in the US looks very attractive.

NOTE THAT I AM NOT SAYING THAT ALL MEXICANS ILLEGALLY CROSSING THE SOUTHERN BORDER HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES IN MEXICO. Trump got wrongly tarred with that brush, and he didn’t say that either. I say clearly: some border crossers are decent people driven by economic considerations. Some are desperate people trying to reunite with their families. Some are honest folks simply fleeing from retribution in their home communities. Many have committed no crimes in their home countries.

And yes, some are criminals, either in their home lands or here in the US or both.

Source: Always More To Learn About The Law | Skating Under The Ice

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