How media Left ignored Muslim wife-beating story | Herald Sun

Even the ABC’s own Media Watch is (briefly) amazed that the ABC and other Left-wing media outlets – The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Guardian –  refused to report a top Muslim representative here confirming the Koran instructed men to beat their disobedient wives.


dexxter …

 Where were our anti domestic violence advocates – not a word from Rose Batty did I see anywhere or the female politicians such as SHY, Wong, Plibersek who are usually so vocal. Hypocrites the lot.
Frank … 

And the left wing media outlets are not alone in their ignoring Trads comments.

Heard nothing from the feminist crowd , not a word from Labor, Green politicians  or  even Rosie Batty.

Then there is Dan Andrews in Victoria who spent millions on an RC on domestic violence and is now spending hundreds of millions implementing the commissions recommendations , but again nothing ,silence

The left can always be  relied upon for a good dose of  hypocrisy  

Frank of Malvern

Oh, and BTW anyone heard from  the former Prime Minister who vowed to call out misogyny when  she saw it  ?


Source: How media Left ignored Muslim wife-beating story | Herald Sun


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