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The big lie for today is the endless reporting that President Trump said “the media is the enemy of the American people”.

I’ve heard news reporters on every station claiming he said it, and asking people about it, and discussing that statement. Oh, a few of the media folks haven’t done that, but by and large reporters and journalists are clutching their pearls and whining endlessly about how the President is attacking the First Amendment and opposed to free reporting and the like. PBS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, every media outlet has some talking head whining about how wrong, wrong, wrong the President was to say that the media is the enemy of the people … which would be fine, except for one little detail …


Nor did he attack the First Amendment.

What he said is that the FAKE NEWS media is the enemy of the American people. 

Source: The Big Lie | Skating Under The Ice

Of course, if all the media reports is fake news, then it is the enemy of the people.


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