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The multi-million-dollar salaries of senior executives at Australia Post have been revealed by a Senate committee, with the committee dismissing claims the move would result in “unwarranted media attention” and “brand damage”.

Key points:

  • Managing director’s total package worth $5.6m
  • Documents reveal another five executives earn $1.3m to $1.8m a year
  • Australia Post argued against revealing salaries

Committee chairman Senator James Paterson said documents published on Tuesday showed managing director Ahmed Fahour received a $4.4 million salary and a $1.2 million bonus last financial year, taking his total package to $5.6 million.

That salary is more than 10 times more than the $507,338 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is paid.

The documents — which do not name Australia Post staff — reveal another five executives received between $1.3 million and $1.8 million a year and one claimed a $380,000 retirement benefit.

This is old news but the situation still does not sit right.

I thought Australia post was highly unionised? Why did the unions not bring this to our attention. Why do they vilify CEO’s and not Australia Post directors. Why did the Libs not reveal this?

I also thought it was strange how stamps went up at an unprecedented rate. Thought wow things are getting expensive. The spin to do with this worked. The same spin that was used with the lack of new dams.

What would stop an organisation making huge salaries and knowing they were going to be used as a donations to champion some pet cause.  Just wondering aloud on the pros and cons.

Source: Tips for Tuesday, February 28 | Herald Sun


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