Tips for Tuesday, February 28 | Herald Sun

Plus my editorial on The Bolt Report: Time we played the national anthem most often and with passion – starting with all AFL games. And the 14-second “royal salute” is a joke.

Source: Tips for Tuesday, February 28 | Herald Sun

Starting with AFL games, we have to teach the players how to stand at attention for the anthem … not stand around with their arms around each other like a mob of poofters.

Sheesh! none of the gay males I have met stand around like that! They stand around like blokes, and at least those I knew in uniform knew how to stand for the national anthem.

As for the 14 second royal salute … I once wore a uniform with pride, and at least I am proud of what wearing a uniform then meant back then.

Watch the video in the linked post, a listen to the kid born without eyes sing the American anthem … she puts us to shame.


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