Aboriginal Leader Warren Mundine Tells Australians to Grow Up and Go Nuclear – STOP THESE THINGS

*** STT tends to leave the debate about global warming or ‘climate change’ to others. However, STT has always thought that if man-made CO2 emissions really were destroying the planet, then sensible…


The French generate over 75% of their sparks using nukes – and have used nuclear power – without any serious incident – for over 50 years: the first plant kicked off in 1962.

Nuclear power is the only stand-alone thermal power source that is base-load and which does not emit CO2 emissions when generating power. And it’s a whole lot safer than wind power, with its with million strong fleet of bat-chomping, bird slicing, blade-chuckingpyrotechnic, sonic-torture devices.

The wind industry has been flapping about for not much more than 20 years (producing a trickle of unreliable power, even today) and has killed more than 160 people; nuclear power has been a serious contender for over 50 years and (in a single accident at a military facility, Chernobyl) killed 56, most of whom were fire or rescue workers (see our post here). Despite the frenzied reaction to the Fukushima incident – a result of damage caused when a monster tsunami knocked out the power plant’s power supply – not one single soul was lost during the incident or in the 5 years since.

Source: Aboriginal Leader Warren Mundine Tells Australians to Grow Up and Go Nuclear – STOP THESE THINGS


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