Malcolm Turnbull is the Hillary Clinton of Australian politics | Catallaxy Files

Tony Abbott is our Donald Trump. And Bill Shorten is Bernie Sanders.

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Both protagonists spouting – MT BS on the penalty rates stuff — how about going out and hitting that Peanut headed intellectual dwarf with the fact that while coffee shops and cafes are going to be able to open their doors again and employ people — down the road at Maccas, KFC and Red Rooster the staff are in the EBA stitched up by the Shoppies Union approved by Shorten and the FWC

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Abbott gave us Gonski, the NDIS, a wealth tax and he tried to give us a millionaires baby minding scheme.

Gillard gave us Gonski (who could forget all those schools she visited); we also have her to thank for the NDIS. If you want to check out the waste of money during the Rudd, Gillard years just go here – includes about $10B on boat arrivals which Abbott stopped

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there’s a graph at that link (ending in 2015/2016) (cut and paste from the link) ‘The first two bars show Howard’s last years, with spending well within revenue. The next six belong to Rudd and Gillard (plenty more on that to come). The last two show the deadlocked waste of a parliament we currently have and a Liberal government that has so far been without the ability or the means to fix what Rudd and Gillard left.’


Source: Malcolm Turnbull is the Hillary Clinton of Australian politics | Catallaxy Files

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