Senator Bernardi ‘Remove funding from Safe Schools Coalition

I’ll be presenting a petition to the Senate which calls on the government to remove all federal funding from the Safe Schools Coalition program


They ask children to imagine that they have no genitals when they are talking about their gender. It says that most students will mention their genitals when identifying themselves as male or female and it extends this discussion by asking students what it would mean in terms of their gender if they were to lose that part of themselves. It beggars belief that we are asking 11-year-olds to identify themselves or imagine themselves as having no genitals. There are so many alarming aspects to these teachings, because it isolates children in front of their class. It bullies them and intimidates them if they do not comply with what is a very clear LGBTI agenda. It is a form of bullying. It is intimidation of students. It is pushing them to conform to a certain world view. It asks children as young as 11 to imagine themselves in a sexualised, or hypersexualised, environment.

Source: Senator Bernardi ‘Remove funding from Safe Schools Coalition


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