Senator Bernardi ‘Remove funding from Safe Schools Coalition

Senator BERNARDI: Thank you, Madam Acting Deputy President. ‘Children should never be subjected to any form of pressure or indoctrination while they were in a government school.’ ‘Children are being forced into classes that do not reflect the values of their parents.’ ‘We want to make public schools safe places for parents who don’t want their children indoctrinated.’ ‘The wishes of parents should not be compromised.’ Guess where those quotes came from? Who would have thought? That is the New South Wales Greens quoting about indoctrination in schools. But judging by these comments, the Greens are against any form of pressure or indoctrination unless it is what they endorse. They want religion removed from schools unless it is their type of religious proselytising. They are against any pressure when it is an issue that they do not agree with, but they seem to have no problem with the pressure being applied to our children through the Safe Schools Coalition. Such hypocrisy is mind-boggling, but not unknown, from the political left.

Source: Senator Bernardi ‘Remove funding from Safe Schools Coalition


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