Australian schoolchildren have been conscripted to fight a certain faith’s fondness for underage marriage.


Jim …
Call a spade a spade. In Australian law, this is not “child marriage”. It is paedophilia. 
Fern …
Indeed! Tim, any chance of your paper, at least , starting to refer to it as “that paedophilic practice of vile men committing child sexual ownership/slavery” ? ‘Cos it sure is no marriage!
Incredible.  Why  can’t   we  call  a  spade  a  spade  anymore.  Hide  behind  18C ?  Where  I  come  from,  forced  marriages  to  under  age  girls,  wife  bashing,  polygamy,  female  genital  mutilation  and  throwing  gays  off  buildings,  is  NOT  an  acceptable  attitude  for  a  RELIGION. 
Joe …
So does that mean future reports on the Royal Commission into child sex abuse will now be refraining from mentioning the Catholic Church? Or does government concern for cultural protection only extend to the ideology that shall not be named?

Source: RESPECT THE CULTURE | Daily Telegraph


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