Shorten’s Fair Work Australia hands Shorten his election winner | Herald Sun

The SDA covers workers in the pharmacy, fast food and retail sectors and its EBAs are negotiated with the largest employers in the country, covering most workers in the various sectors. The SDA has almost 50 EBAs listed on its website. Not one of these EBAs has Sunday rates at double time.

Three have no weekend penalties. Sunday rates mostly range from time-and-a-half to ordinary time. The base rates of pay do not appear high enough to compensate for the loss of penalties. It is hard to see how these EBAs would pass the “better off overall” test.

Many of the EBAs contain clauses requiring the employer to push workers into the union. Workers have been denied a choice of superannuation fund and forced into the union fund. I am at a loss to explain how these agreements were approved by the Fair Work Commission.

Source: Shorten’s Fair Work Australia hands Shorten his election winner | Herald Sun


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