What do you expect of the staff when the boss gets $5.4M not to deliver on time – Michael Smith News

OH – MY – GOD Does anyone in the Australian pubic service have a real job?

ZK2A said…

These people are the heirs to the tradition established by the outback mailmen, with pack horse or camel, “rain, hail or shine, the mail always got through?” No Chai Lattes along the Birdsville track, or the Canning Stock route.

Source: What do you expect of the staff when the boss gets $5.4M not to deliver on time – Michael Smith News

All employees of AP should have to do the Birdsville run in a 2nd hand ute before they start work.

Mind you, it is a comparatively a short trip now, even in an old 2nd hand ute. My introduction the the track was getting off the Ghan in the middle of the night, and being met by the mother of the three children I was about to become a governess too … along with the three kids … and we were half way up the track and a few miles off to the left by breakfast time, in the family station wagon. No four wheel drives required back then.

It takes longer to get a letter across town now, than it does to get up the track, and back down again.

When the expensive, soon to be retired boss took over, I answered the door to a friend from across a small country town there with a letter she had posted and had been returned to sender because the address was not quite complete (from memory the postcode was missing), so she hand delivered it. As she left I checked the mailbox and found two letters addressed correctly … to the house next door.

Nearly twelve months ago almost had a heart attack when I checked the mail, and found a letter posted in the big smoke the day before it arrived here … but the other one was postmarked 10 days before.


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