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Funny how the feminists never talk about Rotheram or Cologne and seem to have no regard for the ‘diversity’ rape epidemic in Sweden. Any hard line feminists I know have three things in common they hate men especially white men, are all rich and will use the old misoginy line to get richer, and have no regard what so ever for the girls from the poorer suburbs who are being sexually abused or raped thanks to diversity.  Similarly the myth about women being paid less than men using stats that fail to take into account the basic fact that men work longer hours. I once asked one of the femi-nazis to show me an award or agreement that states men doing the same job as women are to be paid more, dumb silence because their argument is immediately shot down. The lefties have got their claws into education especially unis and that would explain why a lot of graduates know their rights but know little about what they are paid to do.

Source: PREACHY TEACHERS | Daily Telegraph

They come out of uni knowing their rights, but have no idea what responsibility is.


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