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Put simply, we absolutely need two sexes, not just for enjoyment but for our very survival. Interestingly, it often follows that what a species needs to avoid extinction evolves to be a fun thing to do as a way of ensuring it gets done. The current futile and senseless ongoing wars of the sexes are counter productive to put it mildly, and they take me back many years ago when I was a teacher in New Zealand and was sent by my school to a national union meeting as a representative of my school – tellingly I was selected because no one else was willing to go. At the meeting, one of the several speakers berated the fact that nearly all school principals were male, and used that fact as irrefutable evidence of the high degree of sexism in education. This tirade was very well received by the other reps, the majority of them males again, but despite that I felt moved to speak and indicated I wanted to. When I was invited up on the stage and did. I pointed out another statistic, an inconvenient truth unknown or deliberately ignored by those it suited. I was able to statistically show that the reason more men then women became principals had nothing to do with sexism and everything to do with the fact that far fewer women teachers applied for these positions. Then I dropped the clincher: the few women who did apply, when they did had a far greater chance to winning the advertised position than her male competitors, which I suggested support the counter-argument that in fact it was the males who were discriminated against. Not too surprisingly,  my reasoned and statistically-backed evidence, did not gain me any popularity or friends at the meeting. Later when I returned home, the principal at my school let me know he had received official complaints about the representative (me) he had sent to that union meeting. Moral: If you can’t beat something with reasoned argument, use clubs! This is how my status of being a union rep started and ignominiously ended, I hope to my credit.



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