The Climate Institute folds – Michael Smith News

The Inside Line said…

The only thing that could make this news any better is if they go completely bust the same day as Fairfax and Slater & Gordon. A mass die off of leeches, what a wonderful thing that would be to see.

Up The Workers! said in reply to The Inside Line…

As at 3.50pm Thursday afternoon, Slater & Gordon shares are selling at the lofty price of 8 (i.e. E.I.G.H.T.) cents per share with a VERY firm “SELL” recommendation.

Only one broker is currently in the market (he was evidently the only one afraid of heights so, unlike the others,he didn’t leave by the 49th-floor window), and he presumably is looking for some likely “Come-in-Spinner”-types, just down from the bush.

At that price, one Slater and Gordon share is worth two cents LESS than the refundable deposit on a single empty beer bottle in South Australia.

Another way of looking at it is that given the $2.00 tariff to use the pay-loos at the Katherine Shopping Centre in the Northern Territory, you would now have to shell out the equivalent of 25 (twenty-five) Slater & Gordon Shares, just to take a crap there!

Interesting that the solicitors acting for Slater & Gordon at the moment, are Arnold Bloch Leibler & Co., the Liberal Party solicitors. The same firm has acted for Bill Shorten in previous matters.

Who said that the Labor and Laberal Parties don’t both piss in the same pot?

Source: The Climate Institute folds – Michael Smith News


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