Silent Majority …

Rowan Dean in today’s Courier Mail sums it up:

“AUSTRALIA is committing national economic suicide right before our eyes; deliberately sticking its head in the oven and turning on the gas. Or rather, turning off the electricity.As far as I can tell, this wonderful country of ours is deliberately euthanizing its own future prosperity, living standards and economic health on a fanciful whim and a campaign of misinformation about energy and climate change. What a peculiar thing for a country to do.

Last week Malcolm Turnbull got excited about his new Snowy Mountains 2.0 scheme. This uses gravity and water to create electricity. Nothing wrong with that. But Malcolm’s given the idea a new twist.

We’re going to create more electricity without actually building any more dams. (Hypocrisy alert: we don’t build dams these days because greenies complain that some spotted gink will be wiped out, but we build windmills by the thousands that massacre birdlife.)

In Malcolm’s grand new plan, you simply pump the water that you’ve already used back up the hill so gravity can create more energy out of the same water. Hey presto!

Now, call me a sceptic, but I’m pretty certain that there’s a teensy flaw in Malcolm’s Patented Snowy Mountains Magic Pudding Electricity Generation Scheme. If you asked Albert Einstein to cast an eye over the PM’s “perpetual motion” idea, he would explain that the amount of energy required to pump the water back up the hill will be greater than the amount generated by it flowing down again. This is the first law of thermodynamics. Otherwise, all nations would have been doing this pumping-back-up-the-hill trick.

The only way it can appear to work is if you pull a sleight of hand on the finances: you pump the water back up the hill during “off-peak” times, then charge much more when it flows back down again. In reality, it’s no more than a shonky accounting trick – fiddling the books to make yourself look profitable while taxpayers pay way more for electricity than we need to.

It’s almost, but not quite, as barmy as the idea that plonking thousands of giant batteries in the middle of South Australia to “store” and “capture” energy from windmills and solar panels will help “solve” that state’s “energy crisis”.

Now again, forgive my cynicism, but the only “energy crisis” we have is the one we’ve deliberately inflicted upon ourselves: demonising the world’s cheapest form of energy, our own coal, of which we have an abundance, and upon which our nation’s wealth is built.

The Premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill, absurdly spent last week charging around blaming Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg for SA’s inability to provide base-load power, forgetting that it was his own loopy government that’s been deliberately destroying its own cheap coal-fired power plants, going so far, in one case, as to blowing the thing up!

“Have to say, it was pretty cool to watch,” one eco-clown gushed excitedly on social media about this state-sponsored act of economic vandalism. Hopefully this deluded fool took a selfie of himself as the power plant’s chimney came crashing down so he’ll be able to explain to his grandchildren why they live in the dark eating raw vegetables and without any decent job prospects.

Weatherill seems to have forgotten that only a couple of years ago he was prancing around Paris (at taxpayers’ expense) boasting that he was conducting a grand “experiment” with South Australian renewable energy. The guinea pigs in this mad experiment are, of course, the big and small business people, the consumers, tradies, investors, management teams, families, and all the other people who get to decide whether they are happy paying insanely high electricity bills for unreliable power for no practical environmental reason, or whether they would prefer to take their business somewhere where energy is way cheaper – overseas, for example, where economies thrive on our coal.

The simple and undeniable facts are these:

1.) Making energy increasingly expensive means everybody unnecessarily pays more for everything produced with electricity;

2) In a highly competitive world, this is the opposite of how to achieve long-term economic growth;

3.) There is still no documented proof that human beings actually cause climate change;

4.) Even if Australia cut all its carbon emissions by 100 per cent, it would not make any discernible difference to global temperatures over the next century.

We are destroying our kids’ future prosperity on a green ideological gamble.”




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