Magistrate Steven Heath apologises for “inappropriate remarks” | Perth Now

The Sunday Times understands Chief Magistrate Steven Heath said words to the effect that if female lawyers wanted him to look at their breasts that was up to them, but he wouldn’t hear anything they said.

Source: Magistrate Steven Heath apologises for “inappropriate remarks” | Perth Now

If male lawyers always wear suits and ties, I think it very appropriate for female lawyers to wear high neckline clothing too, though I would suggest that a couple of buttons not closed up and no jacket would be appropriate in summer.

It is not just in the law courts that females should dress more like the suit uniform of their male counterparts. Sports reporters with low necklines and high heels look out of place at the footy, especially when walking on grass, and it makes no difference if they are reporting about women or men playing. At least the women playing sport usually wear similar clothing to the men.


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