Effect of Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations on Early Human Societies | Watts Up With That?

The content on CO2 effects on plant productivity seems reasonable enough but I could have done without the proselytizing on the joys of City life. Cities were until very recently cesspools (literally) of misery and disease . The only way the populations of those concentrations of despair could be maintained was by a continual influx of people from the country and nobody would voluntarily leave a bucolic country life to live as a slave or a wage slave in the city. Don’t give me any revisionist balony about how hard farm life was. I spent my childhood on a farm that still used horses as the main source of power and nobody in modern times has anywhere near the time that my grandparents had for doing crafts like needlework, preparing meals and living a good life.

If you want to understand where cities came from, it is best to look at the process of citification that is going on around the world today. Cities essentially create a vulnerable population that is easily exploited for labour or war. If you tour around China today you will see nary a tractor in sight. China abandoned its peasants to create a pool of cheap labour for manufacturing- the same reason that the commons were closed and the same reason that the power hungry have always worked to drive people off the land and concentrate them in unsustainable disease centers.

As a friend once remarked upon looking at the banks of condominiums housing worker/consumers in Vancouver, “they aren’t even human”, and so we came up with a new species- Homo urbanensis, the useless ape. Or Citiots as they are commonly known.

  • Nicely put BC Bill. Amongst their many faults, our urban intelligentsia believe that any and all manual work is degrading. It’s practitioners are unfortunate souls who will never know the joy of being utterly useless and commanding things to be done without regard for cost or utility. And they are legion!

Source: Effect of Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations on Early Human Societies | Watts Up With That?


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