Don’t Breathe In CO2 Says Lancet | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT

By Paul Homewood       I’m not quite sure what the supposedly objective, scientific Lancet is doing publishing a scurrilously partisan report on Trump’s EPA budget cuts, that could j…

But this bit takes the biscuit:

Attention to climate change should not be optional, said Paul Billings, senior vice president of advocacy at the American Lung Association. The Clean Air Act gives the EPA the responsibility to protect the public health and environment by limiting air pollutants including carbon dioxide. ”All inhaled air pollutants have direct respiratory health impacts for the lung because it is the mechanism by which the pollution is absorbed.”

Since when did breathing in CO2 have a direct respiratory health impact?

Welcome to the world of postmodern science.

And they call themselves doctors!

Source: Don’t Breathe In CO2 Says Lancet | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT

I would suggest that those who believe that CO2 has a direct impact on respiratory health stop breathing it out for others to breath in.


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