Key report on SA blackout to be released – Yahoo7

AEMO said the blackout has highlighted the challenges associated with keeping the electricity grid secure, particularly during extreme conditions, as Australia transitions to using more renewable energy sources.

It said traditional gas or coal power plants that are always on can no longer be relied upon solely to keep the nation’s power grid strong and controlled and renewable power generation should play a role in ensuring such security.

Source: Key report on SA blackout to be released – Yahoo7

Until wind and solar can produce baseload power we need to have power stations which are always working … coal, gas or nuclear.

Solar will never work at night or when it is too cloudy, wind turbines stop if there is not enough wind, or too much. Battery storage is nowhere near being able to provide base load power for manufacturing and thousands of homes, and it was criminal that the SA government made it uneconomical for coal power stations to operate.


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