It depends how you ask the question about the Turnbull Government’s free speech reforms. 



When we were a mature society, we were taught how to address people. Those that crossed lines were rebuked and most learned the lesson, and we all moved on. European migrants after the war copped a hammering but time healed and we all learned. These people are as Australian as any long term family of Australians. However, they have old and bitter animosities running back hundreds of years and still carry the ancient fights with them. I’ve heard them at it in the bars. But this stuff never makes it to the HRC and 18c because these people fight their own battles and the HRC will never have effect on changing their perspectives

. In Europe, old European hatreds between nations, sects, clans, religions still run deep. No HRC can shut it down.

So what are the purveyors of 18c really aiming to do? You can have all the 18c stuff you like, and Labor has much more of it to come, and you will not change the mindset of those you prosecute. You simply drive it underground and build more hatred and resentment against the system. Public disdain for the perpetrators of traditionally severe racial hatred will always do more to isolate these people than will a law that picks off virtual innocents and punishes them always, regardless of innocence, simply by the process. Laws drive hate underground where it does more harm than by identifying the people and challenging them. Try the KKK.

These laws in fact, are a gift to governments aiming to increase controls over their citizens. The fraud of Labor and the sustainers of 18c in its present form is revealed for all to see. Non islamic citizens who argue their case against terrorism openly and call for limiting islamic migration, are mercilessly derided using the ‘hateful speech’ of the left to effect, by labels. Islamic preachers are allowed here to spew their hatred against us, even as late as this week saying ‘kill those leaving the islamic faith!’  Nothing from the moslem fraternity! Nothing from government! No bans on admission! No charges under 18c! But, wait for it, we are told by authorities it is better that we do nothing so we know what is going on.

Now isn’t that what the anti 18c argument is? Let people alone and the moral judgement of society, as it has traditionally done, will identify the perps and ensure they know how the community thinks.

The biggest risk to our freedoms is allowing governments of any ilk to begin pretending our politicians are our morality guides – read the papers to put that one down about personal expenditures and NSW criminal cases – and their laws will ‘save’ us. God forbid! Remember Roxon and company wanting to censor the internet and the Australian? These laws are not about the citizens. They are about infiltration of government controls in the pursuance of advantages for themselves from voting patterns of the many small groupings they are cutting us into.



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