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“”If the woman has been off having kids, and there is a bloke who is the same age but has done more stuff, they will go with him [because] when they look at someone’s career they can see there are years where there wasn’t much research produced.” she said. 

“That is a sexist attitude.”
But surely if a woman does not go off having kids then they will go with her too as there will not be any years where there wasn’t much research produced. 

How can this be a sexist attitude?



You fail to realise that a woman having a baby is not her choice, she must have been forced to have the child and take time off to be with the child. No-one would do that voluntarily.. well except my mum, my wife, the women I work with …

If these activists ever rudely collide with reality, the impact will be catastrophic.

Source: TALK AND MINDY | Daily Telegraph


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