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Lucky Turnbull made a fortune in OZemail because his other endeavours are looking a bit shabby:

-As a merchant banker, notorious for throwing tantrums in meetings.

-As leader of the Republican Movement, his arrogance in wanting an appointed head of state led to a major loss.

-Opposition Leader (1st time) – dumped by his party for lack of communications skills and consultation, and sucked in to the climate change religion.

-Minister for Communications, NBN is a $40 billion down the toilet for worse outcomes.-Prime Minister, has done nothing and the country in a crippling debt situation.

The societal cost of having Turnbull in positions of power is starting to mount. At some point, you have to ask: are the benefits worth the costs? I say ‘no’.

Source: NBN: $40BN FOR SLOWER SPEEDS | Herald Sun


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