Everything’s hunky-dory within a certain faith known for arranged marriages, child genital mutilation and freedom sacks for women.

I actually received a response from the RCIICA, after I wrote about a year ago,and they answered that abuse in that ideology, and it was the same with the aboriginal communities, which I also asked about, was not considered institutionalised, thus it was not open for investigation. My further responses garnered no further responses.

It’s the same with the Royal Women’s Hospital, as they too now refuse to respond to my queries as to whether they report all cases of child abuse, which they said they did after my first enquiry, but the many times since, after I asked if they consider female genital mutilation child abuse, it has been silent. And this is a hospital that does between 600-700 de-infibulations each year, yet none of those have reported to the authorities, as there has been no charges laid against the parents of the very young girls or the butchers who perform the backyard butcheries, or, if some have been reported, then the police are not taking action. And not reporting child abuse and not taking action when child abuse is reported is against the law.

You have to by law report child abuse. A young boy brought into the ER with a broken arm will be thoroughly investigated, and the father suspect until it is found the boy fell off his bike, but very young girls being genitally mutilated, just a normal day in your Australia. I say your Australia because I now live in Pattaya, Thailand.

And this abuse is the true shame of Australia, along with the rapes of very young children on those black communities and in child marriage in the islamic world.

Source: NO NEED TO INVESTIGATE | Daily Telegraph


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