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I have been thinking about this disgusting story of far left fascist immorality and the more I have thought about it the more angry I get. She is a Nazi through and through and other than a few tin…

How can this woman be the head of our human rights commission? Does no one any longer even understand what human rights are?

“Sadly you can say what you like around the kitchen table at home,’’ she said.

I don’t even care what she thinks the sad part of that is. What I do care is that she thinks it is morally OK for her to use the full force of the law to harass and prosecute people who say things in public that she disagrees with, things she believes should not be sayable and that she and her cronies should be the judge of what can and cannot be said by Australians to each other. And what’s more, she thinks that she ought to be able to sit in judgement over what they say to each other in private. But OK, we already knew that’s what she thinks. The AHRC is already a monstrous modern-day replica of the Gestapo or Stasi or whatever you want to call the anti-free-speech judicial arm of the Australian left. She is obviously too dull-witted to understand her Nazi pedigree.

Source: What would a lawyer know about human rights? | Catallaxy Files

Sadly this woman still holds her job.


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