An Engineer’s Explanation of Climate Change | Watts Up With That?

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(I’m another retired engineer – spacecraft and ground control electronics, software.) I’m intrigued by the chart. I’m sure I’ve seen it before, but it hits me differently this time. For the last 20k years, we’ve enjoyed amazingly high and stable temperatures, but clearly, the bottom must fall out of that. Not a problem in our lifetime, or our grandkids, but if we haven’t mastered nuclear energy technologies, we’re in a lot of trouble.Of course, this is a sample of only about five cycles, but it is a trend. Again, worrying about another degree or two of temperature increase is clearly misdirected. Because of how long temps have lingered at a high note, I would be concerned about a sudden large drop in temperatures, occurring even faster than historical drops.Thanks for the chart! This impels me to do more study of ice core data.

Source: An Engineer’s Explanation of Climate Change | Watts Up With That?


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