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1. The Chapter 3-2 Report of Commissioner Heydon is arguably one of the most the most fraudulent documents of all those which make up the Julia Gillard/ Bruce Wilson/Ralph Blewitt AWU-WRA Inc Fraud.
2. Heydon has seemingly chosen to ignore all previous external investigations into the matter, which all pointed to secret commissions and possible conspiracy to commit various offences, and personally narrowed the focus to investigation of an alleged re-election slush fund he found never existed except in name, and then only as a result of a Certificate of Incorporation being obtained by “fraudulent misrepresentation” that an unincorporated association required by specific Sections of the Act, existed when it did not.
3. In doing so, Commissioner Heydon deliberately chose to use as the basis for taking that direction, a risible claim Julia Gillard had been allowed to advance in a non-testimonial tape-recorded discussion/meeting on 11 September 1995 which followed a formal interview in which Peter Gordon said allegations had been put to her and responded to, following other interviews and internal investigations into her actions, by her partners.
4. Nick Styant-Browne acknowledged that for their own protection, that discussion and other details surrounding her departure from Slater & Gordon had been deliberately kept secret by the partners from all external investigations for 17 years.
5. He also confirmed the details were released only when Ralph Blewitt was to return to Australia to make statements to the police about the fraud to which he had been a party with Bruce Wilson and Wilson’s adulterous mistress Julia Gillard, who admitted solely providing all legal advice and assistance on all steps taken over nearly four months to finally obtain the Certificate of Incorporation for the bogus Association on 24 June 1992.
6. In evidence affirmed under cross-examination in the Royal Commission 10 September 2014, Gillard admitted to having suggested and advised Wilson to set up an association and try to have it incorporated under the non-industrial Associations Incorporation Act (1987) WA.
7. She did so even though admitting she knew all the requirements of that Act specifically set down under various Sections, and also knowing the substantive reasons behind them.
8. The main requirement being that an unincorporated association eligible to apply had to exist before any of the steps towards Application to Incorporate could be taken.
9. She also admitted knowing that situation was never rectified and the evidence shows she never notified that fact to any officials to whom fraudulent
misrepresentation was made.

I will be posting detailed chapter by chapter proof of all the above over the next few weeks.

Source: StephenJ on the words “corrupt” and “payments” – Michael Smith News


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